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The Kenshi token follows the regulatory definition of utility tokens in Switzerland:
The Kenshi ERC20 token contract address on Arbitrum is:
The Kenshi utility token is closely tied to the Kenshi ecosystem. Some of the utilities of this token are:
  • Products & Services : The token can be used to unlock access to the products and services provided by Kenshi.
  • Voting : The token can be used to vote on community matters, or the direction of the Unchained network. See the Kenshi Engagement Protocol .
  • Unchained Nodes : The Unchained protocol implements a Liquid Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Unchained validators stake KNS tokens to improve the security of the Unchained network.
  • Unchained Consumers : Consumers use KNS to access validated data stored on the Unchained network. Validators receive these tokens as a reward for running an active node. This is the equivalent of using ETH on the Ethereum network for gas.
The Kenshi v3 token has a total supply of 1B tokens. The majority of the tokens are offered to the public on UniSwap. You can see an overview of the token distribution in the chart below.
  • Users : Includes tokens currently held by the users, and tokens in the UniSwap liquidity pool.
  • Treasury : Includes tokens accumulated by Kenshi due to direct or indirect product sales.
  • Reserve : Is the buy back address.
  • Staking Rewards : Is the amount of tokens allocated as staking rewards. Currently 10M of these tokens are stored in the Kenshi staking contract.
  • Partners & Ecosystem : Reserved for future partnerships; for example, CEX or DEX listings, new chains, etc.
  • Grants, Academy & Incentives : Reserved for projects building on Kenshi, academy rewards, and community rewards.