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Below you can find the Kenshi Deep Index MQL schemas.
Field Name
blockchain String The blockchain you want to query
apikey String Your API key
owner String Wallet address the API key's owner
query Object Your MQL query. Refer to MongoDB documentation for more details.
log.index String(Hex)
transaction.hash String(Hex)
transaction.index String(Hex)
block.number Number
block.hash String(Hex)
block.address String(Hex) String
event.signature String
event.args.${ARG_NAME} String
createdAt String(ISODate)
Available blockchains are:
MQL Value
Ethereum "ethereum-mainnet"
Ethereum Goerli "ethereum-goerli"
Arbitrum One "arbitrum-mainnet"
Arbitrum Goerli "arbitrum-goerli"
BNB Chain "binance-mainnet"
BNB Chain testnet "binance-testnet"
Polygon "polygon-mainnet"
Polygon Mumbai "polygon-mumbai"
Fantom "fantom-mainnet"
Fantom testnet "fantom-testnet"
Avalanche "avalanche-mainnet"
Avalanche Fuji "avalanche-fuji"
Aurora "aurora-mainnet"
Aurora testnet "aurora-testnet"
Bitgert "bitgert-mainnet"
Bitgert testnet "bitgert-testnet"