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This is the chain where your contract is deployed to.
Address of your smart contract, starts with 0x
Starting point & confirmations

What is the starting point? From which block number should we start looking for your events? This is usually the block on which your smart contract was deployed.

Kenshi uses this as the starting block to look for events emitted from your smart contract.
Oracle Network waits for 0 blocks before sending an event to your oracle.
Oracle logic

We will send matching events to this endpoint for processing, the returned response will be sent to your smart contact. This endpoint should implement the Kenshi Custom Oracle Protocol.

Address of the oracle's HTTP endpoint
Sent to your endpoint in the Authorization header
Contract ABI

Kenshi needs to understand your smart contract to be able to look for its events or call its methods.

Human readable ABI of your contract.
Event Signature

We will send events with this signature (emitted from your smart contract) to your oracle endpoint.

Event signature to look for

How many requests at max should the oracle be able to process at the same time? This affects a multitude of factors, read more here.

Defines how many requests can be processed at the same time

Custom Oracle's cost a fixed monthly fee for the infrastructure, plus $1 per 5000 requests processed by your oracle.