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Your endpoint

Kenshi R-API sends blockchain events to your HTTP endpoint. This endpoint needs to return a 2xx code on success, if any other code is returned the sent events will be rescheduled.

To which HTTP endpoint should R-API send your events?
Sent to your endpoint in the Authorization header
Your contract

Tell us where your smart contract is so we can start listening to it.

This is the chain where your contract is deployed to.
Address of your smart contract, starts with 0x
Starting point & confirmations

Choose a starting point. R-API sends blockchain events to your endpoint starting from this point.

Starting block to check for events
Deep Index waits for 0 blocks before sending an event to your endpoint.
Event information

Kenshi needs to understand your smart contract's events before it can notify you of them.

Human readable ABI of your contract. Exclude any events you don't want to be notified of.
Quota and duration

R-API pricing is based on how many months your subscription lasts, and how many requests in total will be made to your endpoint.

Number of months to keep this service active
Total number of requests available to this R-API subscription